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Hi, my name is Miriam Perl.

My blog, entitled, “My Father’s Story: An Unusual Life,”  is about my father, Herschel Perl, a Holocaust survivor, who passed away on August 11, 2015. As the founder of Perl’s Meats, my father had a rather public life. He was well known as the owner of the first glatt kosher butcher shop in the city, which became a city institution. Given my father’s reticence to talk about his experiences in the war, I believe that this will be a an opportunity to let others know his story, while allowing me to also learn about about my father on a level that I hadn’t while he was alive.

I presently work as a Marketing Communications Specialist at NCSY Canada and also write articles as a freelancer. If you wish to reach me, please email miriamperl@hotmail.com or direct message me on Facebook.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. What is the chronology of these four?
    How do I get notified when you write the next?
    Did you write anything about your Dear Mother?
    How can you have grandchildren, you mean one of those cute adorable little girls became a child bride? Has that much time flown?
    Looking forward to reading much more and in detail.


    1. Hi Danny,

      The posts appear reverse chronologically, so you read the bottom one first. The most recent one appears at the top. You click on the headline and the full post opens up. I will be posting another one by the end of the week. If you “follow” me on the blog, you will go a notification by email, but I’ll also post again on Facebook once I add a couple. I will be mentioning my mother a bit later, and yes, I do have amazingly adorable grandchildren, 3 of them, but, alas, they live in Israel. boo hoo. regards


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