Love, Marriage, and a Baby Carriage

Chapter 10 In 1956, my father met my mother, Esther Langner (who sadly passed away six years ago), the daughter of Rabbi Avraham Langner and the granddaughter of the illustrious Rav Moshe Langner, the Strettiner Rebbe.  The Strettiner Rebbe of Toronto was the son of Grand Rabbi Yehudah Zvi Langner of Strettin, Poland, a widely…… Continue reading Love, Marriage, and a Baby Carriage

The Early Years

Chapter 3 Before the War My father never talked about his childhood and spoke only rarely about his experiences during the war. They say that there are two kinds of survivors, those who do not say a word and those who cannot stop talking. My father was clearly in the first group. Yet, in spite…… Continue reading The Early Years

My Father Has Passed

Chapter 1 After arriving from the Holocaust penniless, Herschel Perl successfully built the first kosher commercial butcher establishment in Toronto, Perl’s Meat. He eventually grew to become Ontario’s biggest Kosher meat supplier across the entire province. He was strong, resilient, and above all compassionate. We are surely going to miss him. May his children see…… Continue reading My Father Has Passed